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Hangover Brunch at Ben's Canteen

Hangover Brunch at Ben's Canteen

Burgers. Wine. Brunch.     

Now if you live in South London you’ve probably heard of Ben’s Canteen. The bright blue facade of the clapham restaurant and striped orning is somewhat of a landmark to the mid-morning foodie.

A neighbourhood hangout that specialise in Burgers, Wine and Brunch. My kind of place. ben's Canteen is bright, clean and open and has a really friendly, relaxed vibe. 

'Every night, from 5pm, we serve premium gourmet Burgers paired with exciting Wines.
Alongside, we have snacks, like Pulled Pork Nachos and Duck Nuggets, as well a range of Mains plus Cocktails & Craft Beers. For dessert, you need the DIY Doughnuts in your life. Come the weekend, we serve one of most indulgent brunches in London (the Evening Standard were nice enough to name it one of the Top 25 in London) with great coffee and epic Bloody Marys.'

If you’re nursing the mother of all hangovers, this is the place to go - the menu is littered with dishes to cure the morning after the night before fear. How does the Recovery Burger sound? Or maybe the hair of the dog might help - I mean there’s Ice Cold Berocca on the menu, need I say more?

I do really appreciate that the Virgin Mary is called Bloody Pointless - couldn’t agree more. Who’s drinking tomato juice without vodka?!

To drink

To kick proceedings off we went for two Bloody Ben’s Bloody Mary’s - a Ben’s kitchen classic. Their spice mix is really special, lots of heat and a nice rich flavour. You can buy Bloody Bens spice mix for their website. At £7.99 it’s pretty steep but well worth it if you’re partial to a mid morning snifter.  


To eat

Now the really good bit, the food. The menu is nice. Simple, clean and filled with mouthwatering dishes, it's not overpacked which is great - busy and over fussy menus are a real bug-bear of mine. After a few mouthwatering minutes perusing the menu we chatted to Sergio, our super helpful serving and went for two most popular dishes on the menu. The Recovery Burger and The Fried Chicken Benedict.

The Recovery Burger - BC sausage & black pudding patty, American cheese, bacon, hash brown, fried egg and recovery sauce.

It arrives like a challenge with a dagger straight through the mountainous bun and it smells amazing. Oozey American cheese, hashbrowns, sausage patty - this thing has got hangover cure written all over it. The black pudding and sausage patty is such a winner, the perfect mix of breakfast bap and burger, but the real superstar is the Recovery sauce. It’s a mix of homemade hollandaise and Siracha - shit it’s good. Only slight criticism of this one is the size. It’s massive.  Now that’s no problem for me but there’s no way you’re eating it with your hands, definitely a knife and fork job. 

Fried Chicken Eggs Benedict - Fried chicken, poached eggs and BC Hollandaise! You are naughty.

I’m all about this dish, a solid 10/10. Really crispy fried chicken that’s still succulent and juicy, homemade hollandaise and perfectly poached runny eggs - all on top of fresh sourdough. Perfect! If you hungry, hungover or just looking for something a little bit naughty for breakfast - this is the dish for you. 

The bill... 

So two bloody Mary’s, one chicken eggs benny with extra bacon, a recovery burger and a side of hashbrowns total cost £50.50. A fairly hefty whack for brunch but well worth it. If you’ve not already been, get yourself down to Ben’s Canteen and get stuck in - particularly if you’re hungover. 

Make sure you book, they’re always packed!


Nicoise salad with Tuna steak and soft boiled eggs

Nicoise salad with Tuna steak and soft boiled eggs