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Supermarket wars: #TheCoopWay

Supermarket wars: #TheCoopWay

Is anyone else fascinated by the incessant supermarket scrap?

I love the constant grappling between the grocery superpowers. If it isn’t TESCO getting their claws out at ASDAs cost cutting, it’s Aldi poking John Lewis in a budget parody.

I’m going to be taking a closer look at the latest and greatest in supermarket marketing, focusing each week on a new campaign.

This week, I’m joining the Co-op community, because good things happen when we work together.

If you didn’t know, the Co-op is built on community. 1% of profits from Co-op branded goods get reinvested into grassroot initiatives to make things better for local communities.


In 2017 Co-op are going back to basic and tugging on our heart strings - focusing their marketing efforts on growing its community membership.

In the prolific fight for TV Christmas advert king, Co-op put forward its bid in a feel good, ‘we’re all in it together’ mini-feature film that kicked off its marketing push in 2017.

Last week they followed up with a mini series featuring 13 short stories that give a sneak peek into some of the initiatives benefitting from Co-op’s community programme.

It’s clear they mean business, as well as investing £9m to 4,000 local projects across the UK, they’ve through some serious credentials behind their latest campaign.

The series has been directed by BAFTA award winning director Steven Meadows, best known for his cult film 'This is England'. Meadows frank style comes through in the honest shots of British community.

George the Poet’s prose frames the feature with a lyrical tone; ‘Great things happen when we work together’. It sets the scene for the entire series, celebrating the unsung heroes that keep things moving and the power of collective force. George’s background and commitment to championing social mobility make him a particularly fitting choice.

‘Great things happen when we work together, collective endevour gets us through the bad weather.’

You’ll say I’m soft, but I really like this campaign. In a time of uncertainty and austerity, it’s a reminder that community matters; great things happen when we work together.

Take a look for yourself, you can read the full story here.  

Let me know what you think!

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