Hungry? You’ve come to the right place.

I’m no chef, and nor do I claim to be. But I do have a real passion for food. And I know I’m not alone when I say that my days have always revolved around the dinner table.  I just can’t get enough. If I’m not baking (or burning) something then I’m endlessly reeling off a list of new recipes, restaurants or recommendations.

Welcome to Brunch & Stuff, celebrating the most important meal of the day and a little more. Come and talk to me about food, I'm always hungry.

Recently, there’s something I’ve come to realise…

There’s a popular misconception out there that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so I’m just going to start off by saying that it isn’t.

Admittedly, breakfast is a good one - I mean who doesn’t like a good oat granola and OJ combo, a fresh bloomer BLT or the full blown, full calorie, full English? No one, that’s who.

Then there's dinner, yes I like that, big sharing dishes, fun for all the family but by no means the most important. Lunch you’re also great with your sandwiches and salads.

But, there’s one meal that takes the title. A meal so vast in its offerings that no dish is excluded, no beverage banned. And, that meal is brunch. Beautiful, boozey brunch.

Brunch loves everything and everyone; there's no segregation at Brunch. None of this ‘you can’t have a curry for breakfast’ nonsense. Whatever you want, whenever you want it – fine. Cocktails at the crack of dawn, eggs early evening or just a bucket full of bacon, no problem - it's brunch!

I’m big enough to admit that sometimes, the morning after the night before, all I really want is a cheeky vodka. Absolutely acceptable, no judgement at brunch, splash in some tomato and spice and it’s a Bloody Mary.

Many hours have I spent boring people with conversation of broccolini, buckwheat and the best way to bake a camembert. So, whether you’re looking for something hearty, healthy or just to soak up the hangover – look no further. This blog is a little, light hearted look and some fabulous recipes, restaurants and recommendations for the (rightful) most important meal of the day.

Now go, eat and be merry – people need feeding.